My Precious emerged with the purpose of awakening women's self-care and, celebrating Brazilian creativity. The brand values the richness of cultural diversity that shapes our country, encouraging each woman to celebrate her own essence and providing unique moments of connection with herself.

Founded by Cristina Zabeu and Mayara Hidalgo, My Precious is the result of a family relationship strengthened by a shared desire to empower other women. Three years ago, they joined forces to create a brand that represents more than just demi-fine jewelry but an experience of care and self-love.

Cristina, with her experience and wisdom, brought to My Precious a mature and refined vision of what it means to value oneself. Mayara, with her energy and sensitivity, added a dynamic and empathetic touch to the brand. Together, they combine tradition and innovation, selecting pieces that reflect the beauty and strength of every woman.

My Precious passionately believes in the plurality of voices, celebrating the multiple identities that enrich our society and the strength that arises from the union of different perspectives. At the core of its purpose is the empowerment of all women, regardless of their origin, ethnicity, orientation, or beliefs. The brand recognizes that every woman is unique, with her own journey, and believes it is essential to support them in their quest for fulfillment and self-expression.

My Precious' approach also emphasizes self-care as an essential pillar of its commitment. The brand believes that taking care of oneself is not an act of selfishness but an act of self-love, vital for the physical and emotional well-being of everyone. After all, the journey of self-care is not a monotonous task but a daily reminder to celebrate our authenticity, honor our journey, and nurture our health and happiness. My Precious is here to inspire, support, and empower, so that every woman feels truly empowered and free to walk her path with confidence and joy.


Over these three years, My Precious has built a community of women who support and celebrate each other, showing that true luxury lies in feeling good about oneself. My Precious is more than a demi-fine jewelry brand; it is a movement of self-love and female empowerment, embracing all facets of life and representing Brazilian roots.